simplee farmhouse in the city update

well, our farmhouse in the city is finally taking shape + man is she a beauty.

yes, i’m now referring to our home as “she/her”.

no, i’m not crazy (but living in tight quarters is making me a bit insane). ha

believe me, by the time she’s finished + you see how beautiful every little detail of her is, you’ll be calling her “she/her” too.  i really need to come up with a name for her, but i think i’ll probably have to wait until we are actually living there + i get a feel for vibe, because being homeless does not have me in the right frame of mind.



look at our house up there! can you believe it?  i can, but i also can’t.  it seems like just yesterday we were just driving by to see the beginnings of a foundation. now we are almost done with framing, and our pre-drywall walk through is in a couple of weeks!

we try to check on her once a week (any more and we might go stir crazy) and it’s amazing how much they can get done in a week. it’s awesome to see her grow + watch her progress, because we know we are another step closer.  BUT, it also makes us really miss having a home of our own.

i guess i’ll preface this by saying, i am obviously not defined by material objects or a house…but not having a home has really made me feel like i have lost a part of myself and my identity.  

you see, i’m a homemaker. i’m a stay at home mom. i’m a decorator, an organizer, and a festive party-planner. but i haven’t had a home to make. i don’t have my own home to “stay in” with my babe.  i don’t have my own areas to clean, organize or decorate.  i’m not hosting events or parties in my own space.  the only decorating i’m doing is through my pinterest boards (which, by the way, if you don’t follow me on pinterest–find me.  i have a separate board for each room in our farmhouse.  and if you’re curious on the design i’m going with, that will give you an inside scoop!)

we are living out of boxes, hanging our clothes in shared closets, sleeping in the same room as our toddler, and sharing a small bathroom that has everything kid-size.  and of course, we are grateful.  so incredibly grateful.  we know we are blessed to have somewhere to stay while we work on buildin’ our dream.  don’t misunderstand my words or what is on my heart.  but it’s been 109 days since we’ve been on our own routine, with plenty of space for ourselves + all our treasures.  and there’s still 93 left to go.  

i truly miss having a space for my tribe.  our own space to celebrate milestones, birthdays, holidays and the little things.  and yes, i know we will be so much more appreciative when we are finally moved in, especially in a a beautiful space that has been made for us.  but dang, it’s so hard.

but, back to our house because looking at her + talking about her really makes my heart happy. 

maybe when she is all finished + she slowly starts to get filled with all of our treasures, you will have some ideas for a name.  for now, we’re sticking with her nickname “farmhouse in the city,” because it’s the perfect way to define her.  you drive through the suburbs + before you know it, you come across an all white farmhouse beauty.  you open the door, step inside + you feel like you’ve stepped into a joanna gaines’ dreamland, or an episode of fixer upper.  

speaking of joanna, did you hear that target + the gaines have gone in on a collab?  the gaines will have their very own line in target stores this november.  i will definitely be one of the women there at 8 am, with TWO carts filled.  i’ve only seen glimpses, but i’m pretty sure the decor will be right up my alley, along with millions of other women! ha 

here is the latest photo of our house.  so exciting!  below that, i’ve also included a photo from the architect. some of the details are slightly different from what we’ve chosen, but it’s a great example of what the exterior of our house will look like!



what do you think of our farm-beauty?  are you dying over the gaines team up with target, too?  let me know in the comments below!