the first post is the hardest

the struggle has been real with trying to think of clever + interesting things to say for my first blog post.  but, i’m letting go (big deal for me), and just starting with the basics.

i met my husband jimmy in march of 2008. it was love at first sight.

i can completely say that opposites do attract, and work.


we were engaged in april 19, 2012, and married in october 19, 2013.


we found out we were pregnant in march of 2015. i was positive it was a boy. he was positive it was a girl. that’s the first and last thing he’s ever been right about. (yes, i’m kidding…maybe.)

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

we met our spade finlee on november 12, 2015. it was love at first sight, again.


fast forward. now our babe is 20 months + my mom routine is pretty solid. as she is growing, learning + changing every single day, i am too. mommin’ ain’t easy, as they say, but it’s the best thing that i’ve ever done. i am so thankful that i am able to stay home with her and soak up every moment.


but, like i said, she’s growing. she’s slowly becoming more independent. that means that i can no longer throw out the excuse of being too busy every single time someone asks me why i haven’t started my blog, or any of the other goals on my to do list. yes, being a mom of a toddler still takes up most of my day, but it’s far less consuming compared to my days of nursing twelve times a day.

i am a woman with a lot of goals and dreams. i am also a meticulous planner. i’ve always been that way. basically, my mind never stops and now that i have a daughter, i never sleep. so, since i’m not sleeping, i should finally use some of those hours burning the midnight oil and getting this blog thing going, right?

this blog has been one of my dreams, but it has taken me forever to get the courage to actually start it. part of me feels like a completely capable + talented super mom/woman, while the other part is completely unsure + full of fear. for a long time now, the fearful side has been winning. but now, more than ever, i am ready to finally start checking things off my dream list.

each year, rather than having a list of resolutions, I choose one word to live by. this year, the word i chose was j u m p. jump head first into my dreams. jump into God’s arms + let go of some of the control. you want to start your blog? jump. you want to dye your hair so you can look like a pink unicorn? jump. you want to start your side hustle? jump. i have realized that i shouldn’t and c a n ’ t compare my blog to the other women/moms i follow because my blog will be nothing like theirs.

there are moms out there who have two kids + are pregnant with their third, that somehow have time to log in to five different social media accounts and post swoon worthy photos every single day. did i mention they also have time to curl their hair AND do their makeup? that’s amazing. like super hero status in my eyes. but, if you’re looking for that type of blog, you are not in the right place. i have one toddler, but some days it feels like i’m living in a zoo. if i can post one decent photo or update every few days, i feel like a rock star. most days i’m rocking dry shampoo or a baseball cap. and the only time i have time to curl my hair AND do makeup is when hubby is home to help watch monkee (double ee’s again). and that’s okay.

the simplee life is all about my journey, love life, mom life and home life. it’s true. it’s real. it’s sometimes a hot mess or chaotic, kind of like this post. this blog will share a sneak peek into our lives, and showcase all of our moments, big and small. for those who are interested in seeing our custom home we are building (EEK), you will get a lot of updates on that too. mostly, this blog will focus on our beautiful, amazing daughter (because, as all parents know, your life revolves around your child. they are everything + more.)

if you read this far, the good news is the end is in sight! i hope you enjoy following along with my tribe. and I hope at some point, something i post will resonate with you, or make you laugh.

so, that’s it. the first post is the hardest, i guess. the whole point is that i finally started and jumped.


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